152 University Ave.
Tuesday p.m. [9 Aug. 1949]


It was lovely to hear your voice over the phone. It seemed as if you [were] only in the kitchen.

I am enclosing The Decision. I hope it is legible. I did it slowly.

Am also sending Mrs Cartwright's 'effort' on the Humming Bird. She gets a pleasure in turning out the odd line.

I have just come in from the backyard where I sprinkled DDT. powder over a wasp's nest. I am going out to pour a basket full of sawdust over the hole.

Bats and wasps and humming birds! I am rushing this off to catch the night's mail. You may not get it till Thursday.

I haven't played any golf for the week. The heat is in the nineties. Some report came out that it may break Thursday. I hope it does. The house is comparatively cool and I work with coat, tie, and shoes off. On Thursday I speak to the Rotary. Principal Wallace (the Chairman) takes me there and back in time for the afternoon lecture.

Much Love

The Decision
An early poem, see EJP:CP 1.67.

See the letter to Claire Pratt, 3 August 1949.