152 University Ave.
Kingston, Ont.
Wednesday a.m. [July 27, 1949]

Vi dear:

Your letter – it of the harpoon picture – came last night and I am overjoyed you are having a good time. Your drawings are superb in the classic purity of the harpoon point, in the modeling of the steel, in the representation, at least, of the intention of the harpooner to get that sword fish, and in the ensemble. I couldn't escape the idea that you were by the sea and that's just where I should like to be at this hour with its 90 degrees.

I have just finished my first day with the Refresher Course. I have a class of about twenty, mostly old very old people, ladies who finished their teaching years some time ago. They are quite friendly and still keen to know what the Celtic Twilight is all about. I gave then two hours of a Yeats dose today and I am going to ram home another injection with the same needle tomorrow.

I am getting ready for Claire, making provision for a table at the Club this afternoon. I am sending off this note hoping it will reach you by the time you leave. If it takes two days by air it ought to get there all right.

You will let me know what time you will be passing through.

I was informed this morning by Mrs Cartwright that a bat was flying about the hall all last night, so just as soon as I get back from the Club I am arming myself with a tennis racket which she borrowed from a neighbour and am going to swat it with the same technique as that used last year. It will have to be split seconds again. Perhaps you may hear reverberations in N.S.


harpoon picture
See the letter to Claire Pratt, 28 July 1949.

last year
See the letter to Viola and Claire Pratt, 12 August 1948.

Nova Scotia.