152 University Ave.
Wednesday a.m. [27 July 1949]

Cayke dear:

I am looking forward very much to your visit to Kingston en route. I shall be at 152 corner of Union & University Sts (at least three houses down on University from the corner). We shall then go to Barne House and deposit grips etc., take the car (the five of us) & go to (not to York Downs) but to its counterpart – the Cataraqui Golf Club where I shall point out the spots of interest particularly those points where a long drive can be seen all the way to a green. You will understand. Then we have dinner at a special table. After you can rest.

Did you get the car changed in its oil & the tires tested? Did the gramophone man come with the needle? Make sure all doors are locked when you leave and the elements, etc. etc. etc. – turned off.


en route
Claire and friends were also driving to the Maritimes.