152 University Ave.
Kingston, Ont.
Wed. p.m. [20 July 1949]

Dearest Vi:

Your letters and cards come along merrily and acceptably. I am addressing all my correspondence to Keltic Lodge (airmail).

I had a letter yesterday from Claire saying she was coming from Toronto on next Sunday week getting in about five or six. I am having a dinner for them all at the Club and now I am seeking cabins for them near the Club and on the shore if possible.

The day after tomorrow Friday I am motoring to Toronto with Carl Schaefer. He rang me up yesterday and I thought it was an excellent chance to be home for a week-end. We come back on Sunday in his car. I have written Claire. There are also a few books I want to get and a few to bring back.

The weather has been delightful though still quite warm. We had several hours of rain here on Monday which did a lot of good to grass and crops and to people's spirits.

On Wednesday July 27 I start the Refresher Course. The class is a little bigger than last year's but quite manageable. I think I can take them in the same old Seminar Room. I haven't seen Wallace, or MacNeill or Clarke yet, but I saw Mrs Douglas this morning. Her son is in my English 5. There are quite a few I know directly or indirectly. One girl came up to say she was the niece of Sidney Watson. You may remember him as manager of Thomas Nelson & Sons and a friend of Hugh Eayrs and some of the 'stag' members.

When you write, let me know the schedule. Will you stay a while at Kingston for a dinner or lunch? Any day but Monday is all right at the Club. That day is a staff holiday.

I am glad that your neck and knee are better. I hope the improvement is progressive and that there is something in a change of climate for that trouble. Claire tells me that Dorothy's sedimentation rate is going down and that she may not be as long at the Hospital as she thought.

You have nothing to do but to enjoy your dear self which I know you must be doing travelling through such scenery.

Deep love to you and the best regards to the Clarkes.

Keltic Lodge
A tourist hotel in Ingonish, Nova Scotia.

written Claire
See the postcard to Claire Pratt, 19 July 1949.

Refresher Course
An English course mainly for teachers to enable them to 'refresh' their knowledge of the subject.

Mrs Douglas
Wife of George Douglas. See the note to the 'Douglasses' in the letter to Viola Pratt, 4 July 1949.

Her arthritis.

Dorothy was hospitalized with severe rheumatoid arthritis.