Wednesday p.m. [20 July 1949]

Dear Cayke:

I am off to Toronto on this Friday leaving early afternoon with Carl Schaefer in his car and motoring back on Sunday. It is a nice chance for me to get some books and other things. I have just written mother. By this time I suppose they might be to Keltic Lodge Ingonish. I have sent all my letters and cards by air so that by the time she gets there she will receive a stre[..].

I am making inquiries about cabins here close to the golf club and also close to the store. By Friday I should know. It would be a nice thing to slip away from the dinner to comfortable lodgings. It may be that or four miles along the shore. I have two of my friends keeping their eyes open for you.

You may expect me on Friday about six or so.


Keltic Lodge Ingonish
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