152 University Ave.
Monday a.m. [11 July 1949]

Vi dear:

The weather has turned out lovely – middle seventies. The rain came to Kingston for ten hours following in the wake of the Toronto clouds. Everything and everybody are cheerful, even Mrs Cartwright, the Queen's manager and the nuns in the class. I do hope the arthritis is affected favourably by the change.

I have just finished a lecture on Hotspur and Hal – an easy one I must say as the nuns do most of the talking and I let them gladly. The whole class is quite loquacious in a nice way. I think I'll keep up that technique while the going is good.

I saw Jack Vincent this morning. He wants me to go over & have lunch with them soon. So do the Edinboroughs. When you come in August I'll arrange a dinner in your honour at the Club. Most of the fellows here have cottages along the shore – the artists particularly. I may spend Saturday nights that way.

George Herbert has moved into his new house and I am told that his books and magazines (hundreds of the latter) are even on his bed, so small is the space for fifty years accumulation. He stumbles over them at night going to the wash room. We shall have the old boy out to dinner.

I worked up the Samson Agonistes on the train. That job is done. I have only Newman's Idea of a University to do now as an extra. The nuns asked for it, though I think Harrison put them up to it. The Dear Cardinal!! By the way, Malcolm Wallace absolutely agrees with Newman's views.

Make certain, dear, that you put in as much of that 90% of time as you can conveniently. If you go to bed at 10 and get up at ten there's 50% of it already.

It was lovely to be back at the house with you last week-end. The time will go quickly.

Anytime it is necessary to telephone me long distance, do so at 10:30 for I come over at that time from the lecture and spend an hour in the house. The phone no. of Mrs Cartwright is 5181.

Much love to you and Cakie.