Wednesday [22 June 1949]

My dear Ed:

My blood is boiling like yours and Lorne's. It is downright evasion and mendacity. My suspicions were right though I didn't think he was quite the rotter that he is. Just to think you came all the way up here for that. I still don't think that much will come out of it.

I know you would do anything for a friend, as I would, but this is too much to ask. If I liked E. as I liked D.G. I'd say 'Go ahead' but it might all end it a cul de sac. You are dealing with a slithering slimy bunch and they might put you on the skids. However, you can wait for developments.

It was grand to see your fine old phiz again. Boy, am I thrilled that you are on the Alexander job.

One thing is imperative – I must have one night, dinner and evening, with you with myself as master of ceremonies. We can decide on which night later but it must be a humdinger – preferably towards or at the close of the period. There are hundreds of things to talk about. If only Ernie could come up – get him to fabricate a pretext.

Next Monday night I go to Ann Arbor. They want a lecture on Canadian stuff and a recital of my own following. It gives me a chance to get a little better known across the line.

Vi is improving. The trouble takes its time – slow but not too distressing.

Love to Peggy

come out of it
The matter referred to here has not been identified.


Alexander job
Brown was to deliver (in November 1949) the Alexander Lectures at the University of Toronto. The series is named in honour of W.J. Alexander, long-time Head of the Department of English at University College.