May 24, 1949

My dear Doug:

Thanks for your portable Milton. It is going to be of great help to me for I have to teach the 'Samson' this summer at Queen's (Shakespeare course), and I have only the 'Pass' knowledge of the 'giant.'

I have gone through the general introduction and, like everything you do, it is superb. I take pride in showing my friends all your books which are arranged on my shelf in an independent array.

There is only one fellow in the Victoria tradition who is close to you, and that's Frye who is going to be heard from in a big way in the future.

Bless you and Helen and the family including the collie. Is the last still licking your hand when you lie down for a rest?


I deeply regretted Spencer's death. Next to yourself he was the one who was kindest to me on my visit.

Bush had recently edited Viking Press's The Portable Milton.

Samson Agonistes.