March 7, 1949

Dear Mr Wornell:

I liked the local colour and flavour of those verses and the spirit of the ballad which you have managed to infuse into some of them, particularly in part one.

As to publication, the procedure is to submit the verses to a publisher like Ryerson's and take your chances. The firm has readers who will examine them in respect to (1) literary merit and (2) their marketability. Should the Ryerson editors make a favourable judgment they might ask you to select a few of the best for a chap book publication. That is up to them.

Publishers generally are cutting down on verse production as the market is so limited, so don't put your hopes up too high. The firms lose money on poetry as a rule. Still it is worth while trying, though it might be best to offer them individually to newspapers and magazines. If they are accepted, the publication in that form gets the name of the author before the public, prior to appearance of a volume.

Wishing you success,

Yours sincerely,
E.J. Pratt