Thursday am. [5 Aug. 1948]


This is the last Rochester card but it is just as useful as any other for the purpose. I have another order for you but as there is no hurry I shall wait till I return on the 19th.

The weather is lovely now cool and fine. I hope you feel well after your trip and that a masterpiece or two have sprung out of the Quebec inspiration. That fence picture downstairs is one of the very best.


Postcard; postmarked Kingston, 5 August 1948.

Viola and Claire Pratt.

Rochester card
From a recital engagement in Rochester, N.Y. during the previous winter.

For books from Claire's 'Book Truck.' See the note to a mail-order 'Book Truck' in the letter to W.A. Deacon, early 1947.

Claire had taken up painting and sketching.