152 University
Tuesday am. [13 July 1948]


Your phone message came an hour ago and I am glad that accommodation is arranged through the MacCrimmons. It is so good of them to take the girls to Montreal the next day. That helps out wonderfully.

I started off immediately to get quarters for the Macs. I went into a few offices which handled that kind of business and I found everything filled up except cheap cabins without good facilities. I was advised that the best thing to do was apply at the La Salle Hotel – the best hotel – though even there accommodation might be difficult to get.

However, I was lucky. I announced myself as at Queen's and I wanted good comfortable quarters for two friends from Toronto. Applying in time like that I managed to get a fine double room – two single beds and bath room for Saturday night. The Macs can go right there and I think be comfortable. Though the weather is bad now the spell may be broken later and in any case the temperature is several degrees cooler than in Toronto.

The Inn down at the Lake is filled with permanent guests and this now is the second best and a good one. I had the room engaged in my name for them so that the Macs are my guests over the night. That is the least I could do in view of the three passenger accommodation.

When I talked the matter over with Mrs Cartwright she got the first erroneous impression that the two girls were coming tomorrow & would stay till Sunday. She said that, as she was working all day, she couldn't give them the attention they needed, but when she learned that they wanted lodgings just over Saturday night she readily complied. Claire & M can share the double bed on the West – opposite yours. She wouldn't have to do any cooking, as we would have dinner at the Golf Club and, as early as convenient for all concerned, we would have breakfast at the Queen's Restaurant prior to leaving. So that's that. I shall pay her extra. She is very nice and kind but her nerves are in a bad state through the exactions of her work and the noisy brawling environment of her office.

She is delighted that you are going to stay for the ten days, and looking forward to your company.

This will be my holiday in a sense as well as yours. It will be a nice break in the period and we can have a full session of it. The Alexanders, Harrisons, Edinboroughs, (and probably Clarke) & MacNeill will be having us out to dinner, and when we are otherwise free, we shall be at the Club which in the hottest evenings is cool from the Lake.

Lay out for it without any distracting work.

I am watching the reports of the strike. Today the hope is a little brighter. I don't see how it can last long for the dislocation of all Canadian activity would be calamitous.

Well blessings on you! Bring 1 book of Mrs French for Mrs Cartwright and 2 Behind the Logs for my friends here. Enclosed cheque for Claire.


See the letter to Viola Pratt, 10 July 1948.

three passenger accommodation
Viola was accompanying Claire and her friend as far as Kingston.