152 University Ave.
Kingston, Ont.
Saturday pm. [10 July 1948]

Dearest Vi:

I find the work here easier than last year's. I have learned, at long last, to get the students doing some work themselves in class which lessens the strain on my voice.

I have been wondering about this Railroad strike and the effect it will have on summer travelling generally. The buses are going to be crowded to the doors. Do you think the old Chev of ours might not be the best transportation after all? It would mean an average speed of 30 to 35 miles and I would then go back with you on the following week-end if necessary. I could return by bus without any luggage to speak of. Or could Claire cancel the trip till August following MacMillans? Play safe in any case. The Highways are going to be awful if there isn't any settlement.

Mrs Cartwright will be glad to have you as last summer and will put Claire up for the night if she needs a room. I would try to get a place for Margaret G, perhaps at the Hotel La Salle, if she doesn't know any place herself.

I am inviting the Harrisons to the Golf Club for dinner to meet you. The Edinboroughs may join us. They are a charming pair.

Let us hope that the strike will not come off. It is called for next Wednesday isn't it? The Railroad people here think that, if it starts, it will last for weeks which will be a catastrophe for the whole country.

Do the MacCrimmons belong to Kingston? If Claire could make the settlement a condition of her trip it would be the soundest course all round for I am very worried about it all – motors, buses, highways are going to be jammed. Let me know dear just as soon as possible.


Railroad strike
The Railway Unions threatened to strike on 15 July. A strike was averted by a last-minute settlement on that date.

best transportation
Viola was planning a trip to Kingston on 17 July when Claire and her friend Margaret Glendinning would be there en route to Quebec.

Claire had a brief summer job with Macmillan of Canada.

Margaret G
Margaret Glendinning, a friend with whom Claire was to spend a holiday on the Île d'Orléans, in the St. Lawrence River near Quebec City.

The family with whom Claire and her friend were travelling to Quebec.