Nov. [28], 1947

Dear Mr Adams:

I am passing this article along to you because you are mentioned in it with the same enthusiasm as I personally feel for you and your work. It is written by one of our best-known Canadian critics, and his quotations from your writing really constitute a literary creed in which I firmly believe.

I was in Ottawa last week lecturing to Carleton University in the evening and to the Service Club at lunch time, and Hurlow's most kind account is the result of that visit.

With every good wish,
Yours sincerely,
E.J. Pratt

this article
'Under the Reading' by
W.J. Hurlow, in the Ottawa Evening Citizen 22 November 1947. Pratt had dated his letter 'Nov. 18,' but since the article referred to in the letter appeared on 22 November, his dating is an error, probably for 28 November.

Service Club
Rotary Club.