Oct. 21, 1947

Dear Mr Abbott:

It will be a delight to see you and your charming wife again. Viola and I are making plans for you both. I shall have a group of young poets to meet you at Hart House, University of Toronto for lunch on Tuesday, Nov. 4. As Hart House is open only for men, Vi will have your wife at a lunch in the University Women's Club at the same hour. She will collect a few women. Then at 5 p.m. until 7 we shall have a cocktail party for both of you with a 'mixed grill' (humanly speaking).

Will you let me know what time you get in and where you will be on Tuesday morning so I can pick you up & take you around. I shall be free after 11 a.m.

I shall also have a list of names of poets in Montreal and Ottawa (and elsewhere if you need them. Some of the best of them are in Vancouver.)

The best to you and your wife.
E.J. Pratt