Sunday a.m. [6 July 1947]


Thanks for the shaving brush.

I spoke to Mrs Cartwright last night about accommodation and she was delighted at the thought of your coming down for as long as you like. And Claire too if she finds she could get away and would care for the trip.

She has two rooms vacant – the same two that you and Phoebe (was it?) occupied some years ago. The top story as you remember is self-contained, with a bath room for the two rooms. The room I use is downstairs and Claire could have that if she wanted it and I would go upstairs. In any case you could spend a nice and comfortable week sometime about the end of August, or ten days if you liked, or more. We could see our friends – Clarkes, Vincents, Melvilles & others, have our dinners at the Golf Club where the arrangements are perfect. We can talk it over next Saturday. I shall leave here Friday evening as usual. I shall ask Mrs Cartwright if it would be more convenient for her if you brought bed sheets, etc. More anon.

I am making progress with the Behind the Log and the Nfld. skeletons of lectures.


Ink dry

Nfld. skeletons of lectures
He was preparing several 'contingency talks' on Newfoundland topics, perhaps with the plans outlined in the
letter to A.G. Hatcher, 31 July 1947 in mind.