Feb. 24, 1947

Dear Murdo, Elizabeth, Anne & Catherine:

Hail to all of you from the Pratts. Thanks for the 'Selected Poems' inclusion. I think that's what it will be called though the contents are mainly narrative and dramatic-fantastic. The book is now in the galley stage.

I go to Mount Allison next week to go to their annual poetry recital – a long distance for one lecture, but it's their baby. We missed you at the last birthday stag, but we talked about you. You have a fine future at London – My best regards to the family first then to Daniel, Eric, Tom.


'Selected Poems'
Ten Selected Poems was published by Macmillan's on 20 June 1947.

Daniel, Eric, Tom
Unidentifed colleagues of MacKinnon at the University of Western Ontario.