Dec. 23, 1946

My dear Earle:

I am sending along a card from Mary E. Colman just to show you what they think of you and your work.

Your issue was very good indeed. I can see a bright future for the mag.

I heard a good story from Marko the other day which I am passing on to you, Esther, Garnett, Roy, Louis and all the good fellows. Marko relates it as an authentic incident.

A Jap officer who was trying hard to break the morale of the prisoners at Singapore came over to the camp one morning, clattered his sword down on a table, put his clicking heels on top of a bench and rasped out – 'Japanese planes blow all America pieces. Japanese planes all over New York – zoom zoom zoom zoom, puppuppuppup – poof New York, no more New York. (Pause for effect. Silence registered on faces of prisoners.) Jap planes all over Chìc-à-gò. Zoom zoom zoom zoom puppuppup – poof Chicago, no more Chicago. (Pause). Jap. planes over Washington. Zoom zoom – Poof Washington. No more W.' A voice at the back – 'How about San Francisco?' 'Oh Japanese planes all over etc. etc.' 'How about Los Angeles?' 'Oh Jap planes – – – – – poof Los Angeles. No more Los Angeles.' A Yorkshireman calls out – 'And how about Bullshit?' 'Oh Japanese planes all over Bullshit – zoom zoom zoom pup pup pup. Poof Bullshit. No more Bullshit.'

Love to all