Nov. 29, 1946

My dear Jack:

I brought up your name several times during the last three months. I sent in the form duly signed by three persons and the Membership Committee received it. The Chairman – Moorhouse – told me that you were on the list of waiting applicants but several (I don't know how many) were in before and had to be elected on the occurrence of vacancies. I was hoping to have you pushed in ahead, as Michael Barkway a year ago was given some priority. It is done sometimes. (B is B.B.C. Head here.)

I shall keep a look out, but there are several members on the Committee and Moorhouse is the only one I know more than casually – I go down not more than once a month.

I am sending along Klondike Mike.

The very best as always.

Membership Committee
Gray was seeking membership in the York Club of which Pratt had been a member since the early 1940s.

Klondike Mike
Merrill Denison's novel. See the
letter to Denison, 5 April 1943.