18 Oct. [1946]

Dear Murdo:

Your letter came this morning and probably by now you will have received my card. I hope the delay didn't hold you up but I wanted to make certain of Macmillan's judgement about the book. As I said, it is scarcely likely that it will be out by January but it might by February.

Would you drop them a line? It would facilitate matters – 70 Bond St. Toronto.

Ernie Sirluck is going to send a copy of the page proofs to Manitoba – to MacFarlane. He is confident of an adoption there.

Don't put on the big 'Collection.' It is too much of an expense and imposition for students. The other might be ready.


Pratt's Ten Selected Poems, to be published by Macmillan Canada; see letter to Mackinnon, 23 October 1946.