July 10, 1946

Dear Chris:

Your letter was forwarded to me from Toronto and reached me only on the 9th when you were due in Toronto. I immediately telephoned my wife long distance to be sure to get in contact with you and invite you to lunch.

Will you promise me something just here. Vi tells me that you will be back about the middle of August. I shall be in Toronto then for good and I should love to guide you and your wife about the city for two or three days or as long as you can stay. If you let me know how long you can be here I shall undertake to seek quarters for you and put on a few informal lunches and dinners where you can meet my friends. The wines are beginning to flow again and the beef rationing is being relaxed and there is every sign of copious entertainment.

Your Kitty Foyle had quite a run here and if it is put on again we shall go to see it with a party, even if the Rye makes us see double. What I would give if I could take you, your wife, and beloved Bill Benét & Marjorie to an evening of that kind, so full of spirits that atomic energy would look like a bit of kindergarten exercise!

I am sending this to Roslyn Heights trusting that it will be forwarded to your present address, which unfortunately I do not possess.

Do write me when you get this note and tell me when you return to Toronto, how long you can be with us. But, please do not put us off with a parsimonious day.

Yours admiringly,
Ned Pratt

Kitty Foyle
An RKO movie based on Morley's novel, for which Ginger Rogers had won an Academy Award in 1940.