Have you written A. Woodhouse about eligibles? We are very scant here at Vic.

June 6, 1946

Dear Des:

It is always a pleasure to hear from you whether casually or officially.

I am afraid I cannot give Hicklin the same enthusiasm as I put behind Wood and Wilson. His record was quite slip-shod at Victoria. He has indeed some ability but it has been shown more on the amateur operatic stage as a ballet dancer than in the classroom. I think he might pinch-hit for a year all right to freshmen but I should make it clear to him that the appointment is temporary. That would give you a chance to test him out but go warily, Des. Demand his undergraduate credits first and examine them.

Confidental, of course.

Ned Pratt

Pacey had asked Pratt for help in securing additional staff for his Department of English at the University of New Brunswick. See
the letter to Pacey, 27 May 1946.

Hicklin [...] Wood and Wilson
The three were recent graduates in English from the University of Toronto, and candidates for junior teaching posts in the English Department at the University of New Brunswick.