Saturday [early May 1946]

Dearest Cayke:

Just a word before you leave. Will you let us know what time you are due in Toronto by plane? We hope that there has been no change in the schedule. Also keep the receipt of the support bill as it is allowable on the tax returns. We are delighted that you are feeling well, that the trip has done you good.

Today we have stayed home. Mother had no presiding, and we are going out to the Embassy to see a show at five o'clock. Dorothy is writing this afternoon. She has one more paper. We are feeling spry, but we shall be spryer when you get back. I shall move heaven and earth to get some eggplant and cashew nuts for your imperial taste.


Claire had gone to New York to have a new brace made for her back. See the
letter to Pelham Edgar, 2 April 1946.

Supervising examinations.