May 7 [1946], am.

Dearest Cayke:

I am enclosing 20.00 for a little flare-up before you come back, that is if you don't need the amount for the support. Let me know at once if you need more. This is still the Houston honorarium.

Your letter written on Sat. and received (darn this pen) yesterday was full of news. I hope you are not being worn out with too much traveling about even if it is in the noble cause of Entertainment and sight-seeing generally. We are pursuing the even tenor of our way – Porridge, molasses, grapefruit, toast, coffee in the morning, lunch down town, boiled beef dinners and prune souffles interspersed through the day with a spot of presiding. I come down for mother every afternoon in the car. She feels fine. Do make sure of your berth in time, or see if your return ticket already bought gives you priority in day time over passengers who haven't purchased theirs. The strike is going to be critical.


Supervising examinations.

The United Mine Workers Union was on strike from 1 April to late May, and rail schedules were cut back drastically.