Saturday am. [late Apr. 1946]

Dearest Cayke:

Cal and Agnes came up to the house last night and told us all about their trip South and in New York. And this morning I got a letter from Henry Wells telling about their time with you. They think you are wonderful. This note now however, is for the purpose of stressing the importance of getting a return berth. Cal says you should decide on a day for return and pick up a lower right away, pay for it and keep it safe. If there isn't a berth available one given night, try the next one. As soon as you know when the supports ready, give yourself as many days as you like for your stay afterwards, but be definite on the return date.

Make sure that Carol gets paid for the accommodation, say 2.00 a day at least. Let me know how much money you need and I can get the Bank to forward it on to you.

I sent forty dollars (20 last Wednesday & 20 Thursday) but you will undoubtedly be needing more. Above all enjoy yourself my eggplant of fashion.