Saturday. [27 Apr. 1946]

Dear Cakes and Ale:

Your letter of Wednesday p.m. just came. I am here alone in the house writing away. Mother is down presiding. I go for her with the car at five o'clock, and then we go to a show following a dinner down town. Janka has just phoned to say that she is going to New York tomorrow night and that she will get in touch with you on Monday or Tuesday. I gave her the message about your berth. We are worried here in Canada about the coal strike and the announcement that the passenger service is being radically reduced after May 10th. I hope you managed to secure a berth. You may have to stay up all night. But the main thing is getting on board.

Imagine that encounter with the fellow at the door. The lawlessness in the States is getting terrible. Come back as soon as you can where Cortleigh Blvd is relatively quiet. I say relatively for though wolves are not much in evidence, there are dogs. Had I been in New York Tuesday night and at that door and with my silver gown I would have given him a swipe with it. Come back soon.


When you come back I want some help preparing my school text for the fall of 1947. I am told by the Committee that the sale of that may run into many thousands every year for several years.

I am now writing Henry Wells, answering his two letters last week. Our kindest regards to Carol. We hope she is better.

Father as usual.

Supervising students' examinations.

coal strike
The United Mine Workers Union was on strike from 1 April to late May.

A would-be intruder had broken the door lock at the Cassidy house where Claire was staying in New York. She was not harmed.

my silver gown
Pratt's favourite dressing gown, to which he ascribes mystical powers. See his
letter to Claire Pratt, 25 February 1945.

Approximately 14 lines deleted, presumably by the recipient.

my school text
An annotated selection of his poems published in the spring of 1947 by Macmillan as Ten Selected Poems.