April 26, 1946

Dearest pie:

I am slipping along another 20.00 and will send another very shortly. You may have to stay for a couple of weeks yet or more. Do not hesitate to go so if you find it congenial. A long trip is only justified by a long stay.

Let me know if you received the 20 I sent two days ago as it is not 100% safe, I suppose, to send money through the mails. Let me know too, just how much you will need for the support and any medical attention you get. Get receipts for everything as such expenses go on the Income Tax returns.

I spent last night with Brockington and Ed Corbett down at the Royal York. The dinner was sumptuous and the conversation afterwards, especially Brock's part in it, was full of laughter and glow if you know what I mean.