Thursday am. [25 Apr. 1946]



I was out to the Civil Liberties Association meeting last night following an Alumni dinner at Burwash, and a funny thing happened. The meeting was at Mrs Spaulding's on Elm Avenue in Rosedale. A huge house it was. I had been there before only once, but was struck with the size of it. I went up and rang the bell, was admitted by a nice smiling lady. I said – 'Here I am at last, one hour late.' I walked right into a big room and sat down with about ten people but thought it was somewhat strange. The lady came over and said – 'Are you looking for anyone?' 'Yes, Mrs Spaulding told me to walk right in!' 'Oh' she exclaimed – 'This is Branksome Hall. Mrs Spaulding's residence is 2 doors west.' 'So sorry,' I said. 'Not at all,' said the lady. 'Come again.' There you are Cayke. I need you here to show me around.

Father lost.

Several lines deleted, presumably by the recipient.

Burwash Hall, the dining hall at Victoria College.

Branksome Hall
A private girls' school.