April 2, 1946

Dear Pelham:

It's a grand account of Duncan – masterly. Duncan puts C.G.D. completely in the shade. I read the article imagining it was you reading it aloud before a dozen of your colleagues and students.

I had a grand time at Harvard and Columbia – Brébeuf at Harvard and the Titanic before the Graduate English Club at Columbia. The Harvard Speech Institute made four recordings, two discs with two sides each and they intend putting them on the market. Macmillans are negotiating with them.

Next Sunday April 7 I go by plane to Houston Texas to give the Brebeuf lecture to the alumni gathering at St. Thomas College. The President telegraphed me guaranteeing plane passage return +. Whatever that + means I do not know as yet, but I am told that they are a wealthy organization. I told them that it was a long trip, across the continent twice for one hour's lecture. They may have other engagements for me as they want me to stay four or five days.

Are you coming to the R.S. next month? It doesn't look very exciting by the programme. The old days of golf and carousal at the sessions, or rather outside of the sessions, are gone I fear. What days those were!

Claire is still a bit under the weather. The sinus itself has healed but her spirits are low as she contemplates her future, poor little dear. Her support is a constant irritation, the brace being hard against her tender skin. Vi and I are exceedingly depressed over the whole business. Claire is going to New York next week for a change. While there she will consult another specialist to see if she can get a brace which might combine a measure of comfort with firmness.

I shall be at Queen's for July and August. Harrison wants me to give some lectures on the 19th Century. I am not doing much writing nowadays but I hope to find some leisure later.

My love to Dona and Jane.

account of Duncan
An essay on Duncan Campbell Scott that Edgar had written for a book of memoirs. The book was published posthumously in 1952 under the title Across My Path, edited by Northrop Frye.

St. Thomas College
A co-educational Roman Catholic undergraduate institution which became a university in 1947.

Meeting of the
Royal Society of Canada.

Queen's for July and August
Teaching in the summer session at Queen's University.