March 17, 1946

Dear Tom:

It was a joy to spend an hour with you the other afternoon. No one takes greater pride in your success as a Canadian writer than I do. It takes a few fellows like you to break through the cordon on a huge scale. I am absorbed in your two books. I think it is wonderful writing, so spellbinding. By dad I love a book I can really read and be compelled to go on reading. It is only the fire that can go through the grass like that. Don't forget to get in touch with me when you come this way. I shall be away from April 5th to the 14th. I am flying down to Houston, Tex. to give a lecture-recital on Brebeuf to the Basilian Institute and other organisations.

Ned Pratt

your two books
For My Great Folly (1942) and The Black Rose (1945), copies of which Costain had given Pratt during his recent visit to New York.