Oct. 23 [1945]

Dear Pelham:

This is just a final note hoping that it may reach you before your leaving. I shall be down to the station to meet you Thursday night to conduct you to Burwash. Saturday night is all elaborately arranged. Golf is doubtful as Bert cannot get out to it. You will have all Friday a.m. to yourself with the use of the James room. Friday for dinner & evening at York Club as the A & L Club is closed. I have collected 60 oz of Rye. Besides our Dept. we have invited Knox, Sirluck, and MacKinnon.

Robins sent in the report to the Globe & Mail about your coming & Deacon treated it facetiously but that's his way and it didn't do any harm. There will be a five minute introduction. If the Alumni Hall overflows we may have to go to the Chapel which will take another 5 minutes. So count upon a 40 minute talk, as informal as you like with plenty of reading of the poems particularly Scott. Don't sweat too much over preparation. It is for undergraduates but mainly it springs out of the strong urge to have you with us as a delight etc. etc.


before your leaving
See the
letter to Pelham Edgar, 10 October 1945.

Burwash Hall, the dining hall at Victoria College.