Oct. 12, 1945

My dear Ed.

Thanks for your note. The boys were delighted with you as usual, and you cannot return soon enough for us.

Henry W. Wells of Columbia wrote me the other day saying that he was invited to Chicago to give the lecture under the William Vaughan Moody Foundation. He wondered if you had anything to do with the invitation. I told him you probably had in view of the fact we were such close friends and I had often spoken of you. He is quite an admirer of yours. When he arrives at your University give him a handshake for me. He has been very kind indeed.

The reviews are coming in, nearly all of them very cordial. The N.Y. Times Editor Will Lessner wrote a wonderfully appreciative account in the Catholic Messenger, and Clifford Laube did the same in the Sign.

Love to the three of you

Hal Innis was so sorry he had to be out of town for our dinner. He is a grand fellow and one of your strongest backers.