Sept. 21, 1945

Dear Eugenie:

Thanks very much for your letter with the references to John Gould Fletcher. I always admired Fletcher's work having followed it in Anthologies for years. I have taught or at least read a number of his poems to students of the University away back twenty and more years ago when the Imagistic movement was in full swing. He is outstanding among the American names.

If you know his address you might drop him a line of appreciation for his work at the Conference and convey him my sincerest compliments. Poems and sections of poems like 'The Caged Eagle,' His White and Blue Symphonies, the 'Heat' and 'Stevedores,' fragments in Down the Mississippi are very memorable.

So Pelham Edgar is going to Victoria. That's the first I heard of it, though I saw him about a month ago.

My best wishes to you and my dear Victoria friends.
I trust Doris is well.

Yours sincerely,
E.J. Pratt

Edgar talked of going to British Columbia, but did not.