Wednesday pm. [25 July 1945]

Dearest Vi and Cayke:

I am enclosing two cheques of 25.00 each to help cover current expenses.

My address at Mount Saint Vincent is to come off after all and I give a radio address tomorrow night at the Halifax station.

Your three letters came today all in a heap, and I was glad to get them.

The excitement over the explosions is about over now and things are settling down to normal. I have had lunch today with Ted Vey's sister, a Mrs Clark who has been living here for 40 years. They are inviting me over to a late breakfast of brewis some day next week, if I can find time.

I was never so rushed in a summer. The two jobs keep me going all the time. Do you know I haven't swung a golf club all this season? That should speak volumes, shouldn't it? I shall need a rest and a holiday when I get back to Toronto. The activity is a little too much travelling all over Nova Scotia in a car, even if it is a staff car. I interview captains, officers and ratings.

Dr Munro & Judge Chisholm just asked me to give their respects to you both, the dear old judge saying – 'I haven't had the good fortune to know your wife & daughter but I seem to be acquainted with them from your conversation.' He is a kindly old judge – eighty-two years.

I hope Carol is not going to be too much worried over her trip to New York and that she will find the Steiner School business congenial to her tastes.

So you saw Maugham's play – clever I suppose. For myself I get tired of those over-clever plays, too cynical by half. All right for a passing season but the spirit can't stay in that atmosphere long without final prostration.

I haven't been to many shows – simply haven't had time. Stewart wants me to go down to his cottage a week from Saturday. I may manage it. He met me on the street the other day and kept shouting in the rumble of the cars about an article he is writing in Cultur (Quebec journal). He damns the Universities of Canada, particularly the University Presidents having in mind two by implication though he doesn't mention names. Sid Smith is one of the two, the other being the Pres. of N.B. He says that they murder the King's English in their speeches. One of his phrases was 'those University Presidents may know something about the science of government, but they know nothing about the government of prepositions.' Strictly Stewart-esque, eh, what? What does Carol think of that smart phrase? It is clever isn't it? but he kept me ten minutes on the street laughing at it.

All the love,

Hardtack soaked in water and boiled, and usually eaten with boiled salt codfish and pork fat. It is a traditional Newfoundland dish.

Enlisted men with specialized training.

Steiner School business
Carol Cassidy was teaching at the Rudolf Steiner School in New York.

One of the few bilingual scholarly journals in Canada.

The University of New Brunswick.