July 20, 1945

Dear ones:

I am enclosing two cheques, one to Vi to defray Light, Telephone bills etc, and one to Cayke for her account, the second being the CBC. number 2 They Are Returning. I am sending Toronto cheques to save Halifax exchange.

The explosion scare is over. The authorities managed to flood the main magazine where 50,000 depth charges were stored. Had this place caught fire, the result would have been terrific. All Wednesday night explosions were almost continuous. My own lecture at Mount St Vincent was cancelled as all the windows in the Convent were smashed. Dr Munro was seated in his library at home when an explosion smashed in his windows and scattered glass right through the room. Both Dr Munro & Mrs Munro miraculously escaped without a scratch. We weren't bothered much at King's College though the detonations kept us awake all night.

The surprising thing was that there were so few casualties. The damage hasn't yet been assessed though I imagine it will border on half a million dollars, mainly in windows and doors and plaster.

The jeeps were going about the city last night announcing that the danger was past and that citizens might safely return to their homes.

My own lecture at the Summer School was cancelled, but it will be given next Monday night. In fact lectures yesterday were cancelled as the students would not go in doors where there were any windows.

Well that's the news.

Bless you all, Vi, Cayke, Carol, Dorothy.

Only another three weeks and I hike out of this place on the first train.

Lor' love you.

Viola and Claire Pratt.