July 18, 1945

Dearest Vi,

Claire's letter and Carol's came yesterday, yours today. I saw Deacon's reference in the Flyleaf as the Club here takes the Globe & Mail. It was a catchy item, in the Deaconian manner.

I am enclosing a nice letter from Wells. What a real friend that fellow is, isn't he? As keen for my success!

He didn't care for the Maclean set up, had the same objection as we had to the red saturation of the print and the picture of the soldier which dimmed the lines.

I have altered a few words here and there in the galleys. I have changed Prussian to regimental as Prussian boot is conventional. Also I changed lofty rhyme to stubborn rhyme to get away from the cliché and to indicate the toughness of the Task of rebuilding. The material is granite, and stubborn to me brings out the idea of resistance to be overcome. Another change: Refine an infamy is reminiscent of 'in wickedness refined' from the Cottar's S.N. I substitute congeal as expresses that frozen indifference on the face of the Belsen commandant to the anguish of the prisoners.

I am enclosing Wells' letters. I told him that you liked the 'Great Feud' and was sorry for its omission in Knopf's edition.

The Reviews are slow in coming in, though those that do come are very enthusiastic. Two such different mediums as Tomorrow and the Rotarian say about the same thing. I addressed the Rotarian Club here and the President told me that 'Rotarian' has a quarter of a million subscribers in North America. I am saving the clippings.

The last few days have been a bit slack as Bill Sclater had to go to Ottawa. But tomorrow evening I give a recital to the Summer School and on Friday evening to the dear robed ones on the Mount.

I am sending a cheque very soon, just when I get paid.

Love as ever

W.A. Deacon's Saturday column in the Globe & Mail.

Cottar's S.N.
'The Cottar's Saturday Night,' by Robert Burns, stanza 19.

Oscar Williams, 'Two Major English Poets,' Tomorrow (June 1945), 74.

Knopf's edition
The American edition of Pratt's Collected Poems.

the Rotarian
John T. Frederick, 'Speaking of Books,' The Rotarian (July 1945), 37. (The journal was the official organ of Rotary International, the international organization of all Rotary Clubs.)