July 9, 1945

Dearest Cayke:


Will you get a photograph of Ken Forbes' painting and send it on to me here at the Club. I have to give a recital at the Mount St. Vincent Convent in ten days or so, and the Mother Superior wants the picture. I think there are a few copies in the house. I have some at the office but they are on the top shelf behind my arm chair in the South West part of the room. That is only if you cannot find one in the house. Will you wrap it up between two strong covers and mail it to me.

Father Flahiff (Mrs Parsons' relative) is here today. I had lunch with him at the Convent. He is a visiting priest for a few days.

Love to you & Mother

Approximately 8 lines deleted, presumably by the recipient.

Mrs Parsons
Mrs. Horace Parsons. See the letter to her dated 22 September 1925.