Thursday a.m. [22 June 1945]

Vi darling:

I am getting a lot of information here – a necessary prelude to the Halifax trip. Tonight Pelham & Harry are putting on a dinner at the Rideau Club and tomorrow I shall start off for the East.

I wrote a letter to Ellen Elliott before I left for Toronto and today she sent a telegram saying that Macmillans are eager to publish They Are Returning as a brochure this fall. She is writing to me at Halifax. I am not so sure of a book publication as the poem is so short. Its timeliness is a great feature; however, I feel that the presentation of it should be modest. We shall see what developments take place. The CBC will, I think, repeat, this time with proper announcement.

Love Ned

An error for Friday, 22 June 1945.

left for Toronto
The phrasing is misleading: the letter to
Ellen Elliott, 15 June 1945, was written before Pratt left Toronto for Ottawa.