Tuesday a.m. [19 June 1945]

Lovely Vi & Sweet Cayke:

I got in last night about 11 o'clock, the train being a half-hour late. Went straight to Harry's and had a fine night.

He and Pelham have a schedule all arranged for me – every evening for dinner and the following hours. I am telephoning Bill Strange this morning to make arrangements for interviews.

Pelham rang up at 9 to explain how stricken he was at the thought that he could not see me till Thursday afternoon but he was preparing to give an address tomorrow night at a dinner and then Dona's celebration kept him busy after his office hours.

Still he was cancelling his work on Thursday – which reminded me of the notices he used to post on his office door – 'Professor Edgar finds that he will be unable to lecture this morning.' He is quite excited over Thursday – like a boy.

I had a bottle of old sherry which I gave as a present from you to Harry. He is so grateful to you. I gave Yvonne the ration book. She will use up the butter and the sugar. Delighted.

I shall write again tomorrow.

Love & love