June 7 [1945]

Dear Pelham:

I am leaving here for Ottawa on June 18, getting in Tuesday morning. I shall stay for two days, probably leaving for Halifax on the 3 pm. Thursday.

I should so much like to see Gilbert Tucker. I have heard a lot about him and he would be so helpful in putting me on to the facts of the Haida and the other boats. Unfortunately, I cannot get away earlier as I am rushed terribly. Bill Strange has written me to offer every assistance. He is the Asst. Director of Naval Education.

How I should love a golf game & a dinner and a 'round of roodles,what?' Modest bidding of course but extravagant talk. It will be grand to see you.

I am enclosing the Le Devoir page. If only Macmillans were on the jump here they'd make use of what's coming out now months after publication.


'round of roodles, what?'
The phrase is from The Titanic, line 478, and refers to a poker game having the stakes doubled and a jack-pot with everyone in.

Le Devoir
A French-language newspaper. The reference is otherwise obscure.