May 29, 1945

My dear Eddie:

Here I am in Buffalo having given a lecture to the famous Phi Beta Kappa of the University of Buffalo. I got here yesterday and was taken in hand by Charles Abbott, Director of Libraries, who took me to a cocktail party, thence to a dinner. I gave them an hour on the Titanic and had one of the best and most appreciated hours I ever experienced. But what delighted me was the meeting with a Toronto graduate who asked me if I knew you. She was a grad. in Psychology but she took English from you about ten years ago and claimed it as one of the thrills of her academic life. She is a Mrs. Summers, the wife of a Professor of Economics here. I forget her maiden name, but certainly you were sky-high in her esteem. Summers also was a Toronto Grad some years before. I told his wife to drop you a line. We all like to get a word of appreciation.

When are you coming to the Queen City? I am off to Halifax in a couple of weeks to take a destroyer trip at the invitation of the Naval Department. I may be gone for the most of the summer. There is a poem I think out of that Haida business. I'll tell you all about it later. But I should love to see you and Peggy sometime to tell you all about our Winnipeg trip last week. I could take a whole evening with the retailing of juicy details.

Ned Pratt

The N.Y. Times had a fine enthusiastic review of CP. So had S.R.L. (Hillyer) though more restrained, still good, I thought.

Haida business
The Haida was a 'Tribal' class destroyer of the Royal Canadian Navy. It had had an extraordinary record of daring and successful exploits against German submarines during 1943-45 and was thus an obvious subject for a naval 'epic.' But learning that a former commander of the ship, William Sclater, was writing a book about the Haida, Pratt chose to concentrate on the exploits of convoy S.C.42 during the height of the Battle of the Atlantic in 1942. (See
letter to Viola Pratt, 14 July 1945.) In 1970 the Haida became a naval memorial at Ontario Place, Toronto.

Winnipeg trip
On 18 May, Pratt had received an honourary degree from the University of Manitoba where Brown had taught for two years 1935-7.

review of CP
W.T. Scott's review of the American edition of Pratt's Collected Poems (1945) appeared in the New York Times, 22 July 1945, p. 2.

Robert Hillyer's review appeared in Saturday Review of Literature 28 (28 April 1945), p. 11.