Monday Evening [21 May 1945]

Dear Roy:

Just now all my headaches have disappeared. I didn't sleep much last night but what does insomnia signify or a headache when the rich glow of your 'Hudson Bay' is making this tedious and jerky C.N.R. trip feel like a summer trip around Honolulu. I am in tip top form.

My deepest gratitude for it and for your lovely presentation remarks Friday morning. Nothing could have been nicer.

The Winnipegers are grand; all round. Your dinner Thursday evening was a humdinger and the gang afterwards perfect. Vi and I love them. And how kind and considerate was Mrs Wallis to give us that motor trip around the city!

I shall be on the look-out for the Duncans next fall when I get back from the East. Will you be coming this way too?

I shall have to go on a diet in the next few weeks to get rid of the surplus obesity caused by the Winnipeg visit. I shall go easy on the solids anyway.

The very best of everything to you old boy.


presentation remarks
At the University of Manitoba Convocation ceremony (18 May 1945), at which Pratt received his honourary degree. See Pratt's summary of the program in his
letter to Claire Pratt, 11 May 1945.

Mrs Wallis