May 4, 1945

Dear Eugenie:

Your letter and enclosure caught me in the midst of Examinations and preparation to go East for two months. Hence this sketchy reply:

The poem is interesting and I think you have brought out the pathos of the situation. Taking your points in order:

(1) Yes – Jarrod's deafness is clear: 'The sound his ears would never hear' is a good line and unambiguous.

(2) The italicized lines on page 6 are not so clear. They might be amplified.

(3) lark (page 2) is all right. So is 'halyson' though I do not like 'magicking.'

I am sorry I cannot go any further into the implications. I am rushed off my feet.

Yours Sincerely
E.J. Pratt

'Song in the Silence,' which she had sent him for critical comment.