May 4, 1945

Dearest Chick:

I haven't written you for a few days as I have been in the midst of examinations and preparation for my Winnipeg trip.

Thank you for the three books. They came in good condition. Also your copy of the Saturday Review of Literature which was fine. Benét had sent me a clipping before the issue actually appeared.

There are quite a few persons here in Toronto who want copies and I wonder if Nellie would undertake to go to Brentano's and get them to send a copy to each of the following persons. She would have to pay retail price and if Brentano wanted her to pay the postage she would do it. Brentano doing the job would save you or Nellie the task of wrapping and posting etc. Here are the names:

Sir Ellsworth Flavelle 93 ARDWOLD Gate Toronto
Mr Frank MacDowell 320 Spadina Rd. Toronto
Mr Wilfred Sanders 38 King St. W. Toronto
Mr George Johnston 330 Bay St. Toronto
Mr Glen Bannerman 57 Burnside Drive Toronto
Mr Bertram Brooker 197 Glenview Rd. Toronto

These make 6 individual copies and would cost $21.00 in American money (plus postage possibly). There may be more later.

I am sending $50.00 (1) to defray this $20.00 expense, (2) to give you a couple of parties and (3) $10.00 to Nellie as a birthday gift from me. Make her take it.

I have been asked to go to Buffalo on May 28 to deliver the annual lecture to the Phi Beta Kappa association of the University of Buffalo. They are paying me $100.00 as an honorarium.

Take things easy.


Brentano's bookshop in New York city.