March 21, 1945

Dearest Cayke:

This is just a note to tell you how we all laughed and went into a hurricane of delight over that Birthday song in honour of you at the Biltmore. I was telling some of your friends at Victoria today about it and they clasped their hands and said 'wonderful' in Dorothy o[..]'s fashion. And then aunt Nellie came in for her share too.

Uncle Cal, Agnes, Poss are coming up to dinner this evening and my job is now to go out and get some prime lamb chops.

We are getting full of news nowadays about Newfoundland.

The night before last I had dinner at the Royal York. I had planned on a dinner for Cal, Mr Dunn (Commissioner of Natural Resources for Newfoundland) and Napier Moore at the York Club. I had also invited George Johnston and Frank Prendergast, but they insisted on a change of locale, so we trooped down to the Royal York where Johnston threw a party at his expense for nine of us. Cal was delighted at the chance of having his great friend Dunn entertained.

Much love to you and then some.