March 15, 1945

Dear Dr Klinck:

It will be a pleasure to see you and to give you any amount of time we may have in common. I have heard so much about you from Dr. Wells, whom I now seem to know intimately although I have never met him in the flesh. I was hoping to go to New York sometime after Easter but I am not so sure I can get away. I have two reasons for going, one being to see my daughter who is taking a course in Columbia, and the other to see Wells whose work on American literature I immensely admire. He has been so kind to me in his appraisals. There is still another reason. Knopf is bringing out my American edition in April and I should like to be there on the spot. However, I may have to postpone the trip.

Will you have lunch with me on Wednesday, April 4th? We could have a chat after that. And my wife joins me in extending you an invitation to dinner either Wednesday or Thursday evening. Either date suits us if you will let me know. We can talk our heads off afterwards.

Yours sincerely,
E.J. Pratt