Feb. 21, 1945

My dear Eddie:

Roy Daniells reviewed Canadian books last night and mentioned at some length your revised edition. He urged schools and colleges to stock up because it was the finest piece of literary criticism yet produced in this country. He was glad to see that Canadian stuff was being presented outside the national boundaries as well. He predicted a Renaissance which would take hold of the attention and imagination of the Yanks.

I am enclosing a little reference by Deacon in last Saturday's Globe and Mail.

Since writing you last I got word from Knopf that publication date is April 9. He wanted me to submit any American names known to me who might be interested. I know about 30 or 40.

When are you coming back? Next Tuesday Cody is given his farewell dinner at the Royal York. We have entered a 'sweep' at Victoria at 25 cents each on the length of his speech. I entered for 1 hour & 20 minutes. I found from Moff Woodside that it was the peak of the bet. Love to Peggy and heir.

As ever

revised edition
The review was on radio. Brown had published a revised edition of On Canadian Poetry in 1944.

1 hour & 20 minutes
See the letter to Edgar, 21 February 1945. Pratt won the sweepstake.