Feb. 2, 1945

Dear Des:

First let me congratulate you and Mary upon the second-born. Health and happiness to the quartette of you.

I was glad to learn that you had got out of Brandon. I hear from my friends down East that Fredericton is a lovely city and that the university is making rapid strides – that it has a real future.

I am keeping my eyes open for an assistant to you. You did not state the salary. There are very few eligibles here just now. If you could manage to hold on with your eye-brows for this year, the prospects may be brighter by the fall or midsummer.

Dear Fisher has returned to us, for which we are extremely thankful. He has had five years of active service – most of it in Italy.

Kindest regards,
E.J. Pratt

Pacey had left Brandon College for the University of New Brunswick.