Nov. 29, 1944

Dear Mrs MacLeod:

As I did not like the picture in Liberty; preferring the one in Maclean's, I am sending the latter. I take a poor photograph probably because the original has little to offer. Still Maclean's is the only tolerable one I have had taken in years.

I like your sonnet, particularly the last two lines which are always the most important lines of that form. 'By my ivory chalice' is fine.

Best of good luck,
E.J. Pratt

The photograph accompanied an article by Larry Gough, 'Liberty Portrait: Ned Pratt,' Liberty (2 Dec. 1944) 16-7.

This photograph accompanied an article by Thelma Lecocq, 'Ned Pratt: Poet,' Maclean's (15 Nov. 1944) 17-18, 24-8.