November 21, 1944

My dear Leo:

This is just a note to thank you most profoundly for that gorgeous review in the Gazette. I never had anything which stirred my heart so deeply. I knew it was written right from your own depths. You have always been such a true and loyal friend possessing a fine blend of personal affection and critical integrity. That is what makes me prize that statement in the Gazette. And I, for my part, can say that the news of your David award gave me unalloyed delight. There was no one in the province more deserving of it. I hope you will continue to write and win recognition everywhere.

Do you expect to come this way sometime? Please let me know when you do.


Cox's review of Pratt's Collected Poems in the Montreal Gazette (18 Nov. 1944).

David award
The David Prize for Literature. See the letter to Cox, 3 November 1944.