Nov. 3, 1944

Dear Leo:

Thanks for your letter, with the Loyola News containing the write-up and the catchy 2A Class Flashes. It is superbly rhythmical and suggestive. I shall put it in the forthcoming issue late Feb. or March.

I was up at the Tranters last week to a party and we were talking about you and your work. Nothing gave us more satisfaction than that 'David.' You must bring out another volume soon. If it wasn't for your modesty and reticence you would be acclaimed all over Canada. I like the Tranters very much. They wear well and are a fine contrast to the flibbertigibbets one meets in 'artiste' circles.

You were a prince to me in Montreal, Leo. I had intended sending you a copy of the 'Collected' but Joy stepped in & said she was sending one – 'would I inscribe it?' which I did.

You will be welcome to Toronto anytime old dear.


Class Flashes
Pratt had lectured at Loyola College in Montreal on 14-17 October. (See the letter to Claire Pratt, 13 October 1944).

Cox had been awarded the David Prize for Literature by the Province of Quebec.